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Blocks Away

Blocks Away by Purple Buttons is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices.  Can you remove all the blocks from the game board?  Can you beat your previous best score?  A simple but addictive puzzle game where you tap on chains of blocks to remove them from the game board, letting gravity take over and move the rest down.

Download this App for free today and see how many blocks you can send away!
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  • 3 different game board sizes (different sizes between iPod Touch/iPhone and iPad devices).
  • Customizable difficulty based on the number of colors used to create a game board and the number of blocks required to create a chain.
  • Listen to the built-in music, or with the full version have your iPod music playing as you tap.
  • High score table records your best scores, with separate entries for each game board size.
  • Download it for free from the App Store, and play at no cost.
  • In-App upgrade available to allow you to listen to your iPod library music as you play and access to the largest board size, all block colors, and chain length.