Oh no! The animals have escaped from the Zoo and you need to round them up and get them back to where they belong.

Tap on groups of 3 or more animals to send them packing and watch as the rest of them scurry to fill the space. Can you get them all back?

Score more points by rounding up as many animals of the same type with one tap.

Can you beat your previous high score, or will some of those pesky animals elude you forever?

Cute graphics, exciting sounds effect and a beautifully relaxing music backing track combine to make this a fun App that will keep you coming back for more.

With options to allow you to select the variety of animals, the quantity of animals and even the smallest size of animal groups you can collect, Zoo Blocks keeps the challenge fresh.

Zoo Blocks by Purple Buttons is suitable for kids and adults and features HD artwork and full retina support on the new iPad.